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Hi, I'm Victoria, but that's for more official documents.  Here you can just call me Tori. If you're curious about who I am and what I'm about, this is a good place to start!

Ever since I could hold a pencil I have been creating complex character designs that live in intricate universes of my imagining.  The goal was to create a character that visually matched the personality I had given them.  In a strange way, the characters I created became my clients, and I was designing for them.


Design is a puzzle with a solution that must accurately represent the client.  Good thing I like puzzles.  People are puzzles too.  Who am I designing for?  What do they stand for? How can I equate this to color or shape?  A lot of these questions people don’t know for themselves, and I love working alongside others to create the universe in which their character resides.


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