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2021 meta icon-04.png

All of us who play video games know, it can get pricey very fast.  So, in order to make the hobby more affordable,  I created the online videogame marketplace META.   This marketplace would allow people to sell their used video games to buyers directly, similar to eBay. 

The item you see above is a promotional mailer sent to my target audience (single young adults).  The top flips open to reveal a design that mimics a handheld gaming console.  Inside the gaming console is 3 cards with illustrations and information on them about the META online marketplace.  

Below are the front and backs of each card.


Front shirt.jpg
Back shirt.jpg

This is an exclusive VIP shirt that would be given to attendees at a METACON  — A convention for my marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and get items directly rather than having to pay shipping costs.

META game case

This is a promotional product that would be sent in the mail to people I want to direct to my online marketplace.  The case is meant to emulate that of a video-game case.  It would serve as a package for used games the receiver wishes to sell on the META marketplace.  They would put the game in the case, send it to the address denoted on a card inside, and META would reimburse them based on what the used game is worth.

Consumers on the site can either sell their games directly to a buyer or — at a lower price — sell their games to the marketplace.

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